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Government Resolution No. 828 dated 1st December 2010 approved the proposal of the Government to abolish the Military district Javorina, published in the Collection under the no. 455/2010 effective from 1st January 2011.

Regarding the abolition of the military district Javorina, all powers of compulsory person for purposes of dealing with restitution claims were passed under the Act No.229/1991 coll. On the Land title deeds and other agricultural property as amended, to the Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE.

Department of Restitutions was founded on 1st March 2011. Their main task was to complete the complex restitution process by the end of 2014.

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Procedures for dealing with restitution claims

The Act no. 229/1991 Coll. on Land title deeds and other agricultural property allowed citizens to seek the restitution claims for properties located in former Military District of Javorina, exceeded to 31st December 2004. The period was a preclusive period, that is, later filed restitution claims cannot be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Liable person examines individual claims, that is, the person identifies an original owner, amount of nationalized land of the original owner, their heirs, and verifies their claims. Examination is based on registry records (of the original owner and their heirs), records of the District Office of Military District of Javorina, cadastre records, etc. Closing the Agreement on Property Release in accordance with Act no. 229/1991 Coll. (from here on referred to as “the Agreement”) is preconditioned by properly and timely claimed restitution (in period to 31st December 2004, filed by authorized person) and completeness of all supporting documents (birth certificates, death certificates, citizenships, affidavits, probate proceedings decisions, cadastre records, property sheets, etc.).

When documents are completed and verified, the liable person drafts the Agreement and sends it to the authorized person/s to sign.

Given that the Agreement is a subject to approval by Cadastre Office issued in the form of legal decision, the liable person sends the Agreement signed by authorized person/s to District Cadastre Office in Kezmarok for approval. District Cadastre office acts as the appointed administrative body and approves the Agreement in accordance with the Act no. 229/1991 Coll. § 9, article 2. The Administrative Body sends the Agreement to liable person and to authorized person. After the statutory period expires, the approved Agreement enters into force; it should be enforced and entered into cadastre by the appropriate cadastre administration.

When the decision of Cadastre Office enters into force, the authorized person should invite the liable person to hand over the property. The liable person releases the land title deeds in accordance with the Act 229/1991 Coll. §22a, in integral forest units, that is, the units of spatial forest division with no visible demarcation of individual lots. Considering the fact that the lot ownership is heavily fragmented, the owners should join to form forest farms in order to prevent insufficient forest management and keep natural resource sustainability of their lots. The liable person then issues land deeds to owners so they are allowed to use and manage their joint lots as an integral forest unit (rational exploitation and management, generally over 30 ha).

Based on the approved usufruct, the authorized person exploits integral forest units until the closing of restitution procedures. After the restitution procedure is over, the authorized person becomes the owner of exploited lots in accordance with the Agreement and Agreements on Exchange (cadastral exchanges).


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The state-owned enterprise (SOE) with the seat in Pliešovce was founded after the splitting of Czechoslovakia in 1993. The company was established to saturate the needs for the effective and ecological forest and farmland management on the military training areas of Slovakia. The company manages the area of 65 431 ha of forest land with an annual timber extraction of about 300,000 m3. State-owned enterprise (SOE) consists of Directorate General and three branch offices based in Malacky, Kezmarok and Kamenica nad Cirochou.

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