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Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE, actively communicates, educates and works with general public. The Company collaborates with National Forest Centre - Institute of Forestry Consulting and Education in Zvolen. That specific collaboration had fruited into a special training programme, in which a team of forest educators was trained. The team of forest educators consists of employees of MFE with theoretical and practical background in forestry, and they provide expert information on forest and forestry to all age groups.

Forest drawings by our youngest (2015)

Within the framework of forest pedagogy, the special attention is paid to children. In the process of experiential learning and educational games, the children learn about forestry right in the forest on the walks and in forest sessions.

Forest Education | Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE

An tree in Zahorie area | Author: Stanislav Skokánek, Elementary School in Malé Leváre, 2nd grade

Forest educators of Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE are graduates of special education course in Forest pedagogy. They are able to present expert information about the importance of forests, forestry and forest work via experiential learning and games. By this easy method, children or seniors can be taught the knowledge and skills subcosciously.

St. Hubertus Children´s Day in St. Anton (2015)

The forest educators from Malacky, Pliešovce, Kežmarok and Kamenica nad Cirochou collaborate with teachers. They annually organize various gabfests, walks and activities for children, youth and general public - see photos. Forest education is suitable for all ages; anyone who loves the forest, nature and everything related.

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The state-owned enterprise (SOE) with the seat in Pliešovce was founded after the splitting of Czechoslovakia in 1993. The company was established to saturate the needs for the effective and ecological forest and farmland management on the military training areas of Slovakia. The company manages the area of 65 431 ha of forest land with an annual timber extraction of about 300,000 m3. State-owned enterprise (SOE) consists of Directorate General and three branch offices based in Malacky, Kezmarok and Kamenica nad Cirochou.

G.D. Pliešovce
Lesnícka 23, 962 63 Pliešovce

Tel.: +421 45 5306 101
Fax: +421 45 5306 102

B.O. Malacky
Zámocká 7, 901 01 Malacky

Tel.: +421 34 7954 202
Fax: +421 34 7954 205

B.O. Kežmarok
Gen. Štefánika 26, 065 03 Podolínec

Tel.: +421 52 4663 601
Fax: +421 52 4663 612

B.O. Kamenica nad Cirochou
Osloboditeľov 131, 067 83 Kamenica nad Cirochou

Tel.: +421 57 7590 501
Fax: +421 57 7590 500

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