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St. Nicholas Day is annually marked by handing out presents. An unusual gift this year was given to the students of elementary school with kindergarten in Pliešovce. Those were interesting posts, to which they could listen to at the second pupils' scientific conference "Eureka". Total of 34 speakers gave presentations - home school students and guests. They presented a various range of topics, among which each listener could find something interesting. Introduction belonged to Patrick Ruman of IX.A class and his talk about Archimedes. After all, Archimedes and his famous words inspired us while thinking of the name of conference.

Even at this conference, students of III.B class Katarína Tsirakmanisová, Viktor Krupa, Boris Fiľo, and Martin Suchár were presented. Being brave explorers, they talked about the history of aviation. Interest in Physics was presented by Juraj Lipták of VII. class talking about the atmosphere and supported by a simple experiment showing the existence of gaseous air.

Most students of our school live in Pliešovce or Sása. The history and present of these communities were presented by Beáta Šályová, Viktória Mozoľová a Richard Sopka of VI.B class. With Sása is also connected life and work of Andrej Trúchly – Sytniansky. More about him was told to the audience by speaking of Monika Paľovová and Petra Feriancová of VII. class. Nora Vyletelová of IX. A class explained to all participants the idea of village protected areas. About the results of our school in an international project "Green School", were talking Dáša Jaďuďová of IX.A and Július Graus of VI.A class.

Computer inherently belongs to our daily live. About the graphics and processors was talking Andrew Frnka of VI.B class. How our students are able to converse in English was demonstrated by Denisa Ďubeková and Miroslav Toman of IX.B and Kristina Kvasová of IX.A class.

The tradition of every Eureka conference is the invitation of guests. The first guests were all 8 students of a small primary school in Zaježová. They explained to presented audience their activities during the school year at this nice and interesting school. The second guest was Lukáš Michalík and Paulína Rozjaková of Commerce Academy in Krupina. Pupils caught the audience´ attention with the presentation about the life at Commerce Academy in Krupina and their great success in the project EUROSCOLA. The third guest was Vladimír Macko of Ľudovít Štúr Gymnasium. His contribution to television screens tell you how to navigate through a varied offer on the market.

Modern and unhealthy lifestyle often leads to obesity of adults as well as youngsters. The results of fat measurement between our students were presented by Kristína Kyseľová of IX.A class. Healthy lifestyle focused on sport was presented by Mirka Šimiaková of VI.A class. She approached us fin swimming, which she is doing professionally and achieves beautiful results. Last post by Ondrej Beneš and Róbert Dräxler of IX.B class explained us the beautiful heaven theater during the Northern Lights.

Children´s Conference HEUREKA (2011)

This year's conference was moderated by Petra Ferjancová and Petra Mojžišková of VII. class. After all the presentations they asked Mrs. Darina Sýkorová, the director of the school, to assess the progress of the conference.

Mrs. Sýkorová thanked everyone for their preparation and implementation of the conference and all participants received prizes that we could provide thanks to the support of the school management and sponsors: Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE and Mrs. E. Zimanová. Invited guests had the opportunity to evaluate individually selected papers. Evaluations were given by Mgr. Miriam Rašnerová - Department of Education in Zvolen, Ing. Teodor Derco - Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE, Mgr. Ján Slosiarik – Gymnasium Krupina, Mr. Juraj Hipš - CEEV Živica, Ing. Vladimir Macko - Lom and služby s.r.o. Pliešovce.

After the end of the conference Santa Claus was waiting for all in front of the Cultural House with sweets. Active participants and guests gathered at a small reception. Tasty, almost festive, food was prepared by cooks and teachers with the support of Obecné lesy s.r.o. Pliešovce. Besides food, all presented could discuss the actual conference and carried on plans for do next.

In the afternoon, the conference was repeated for the public and parents.
Anna Macková, Elementary School teacher

Z času na čas zíďte z vyšliapaného chodníka a straťte sa v lese. Môžete si byť istí, že nájdete čosi, čo ste predtým nikdy nevideli.

/ Alexander Graham Bell /


The state-owned enterprise (SOE) with the seat in Pliešovce was founded after the splitting of Czechoslovakia in 1993. The company was established to saturate the needs for the effective and ecological forest and farmland management on the military training areas of Slovakia. The company manages the area of 65 431 ha of forest land with an annual timber extraction of about 300,000 m3. State-owned enterprise (SOE) consists of Directorate General and three branch offices based in Malacky, Kezmarok and Kamenica nad Cirochou.

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