Military forests are aware of the important role of bees in the functioning ecosystems, so they decided to directly support beekeepers.

Memorandum with SBA

Anyone can contribute any amount to the transparent account for earmarked support, and thus help to support beekeeping in Slovakia, for which we are trying to find the most suitable conditions. Via the Slovak Association of Beekeepers, you will contribute to a specific beekeeper who has decided to place their beehives in military forests.

Transparent account

Christmas is coming, and the use of bee products, especially honey, is closely related to this special time of the year. Especially during this winter period it is also necessary to ensure sufficient care for the wintering and survival of the bees. Military forests are aware of their important role in forestry. The company seeks to cooperate in increasing the biodiversity especially in the ecological and economic use of forests. Therefore, the company officially partnered with the Association of Beekeepers by signing a memorandum of cooperation between military forests and the Association on 23 November 2020.

Memorandum SZV

Memorandum of Cooperation in Forestry

Military forests are aware of the important role of bees in the functioning ecosystems, so they decided to directly support the beekeepers.

In cooperation with the Slovak Association of Beekeepers, a transparent account has been set up where it is possible to contribute funds to support beekeepers that have placed their hives in military forests, so they can purchase the bee food, medicine or other necessary material.

The state enterprise has also decided to donate the amount of € 10 per bee family to this transparent account. A total of 734 bee families are currently located in the military forests.

In June 2020, Ing. Ján Jurica the Director General of Miltary Forests, issued an order to abolish the obligation of beekeepers to pay for the lease of land for placement of their hives. The placement of the hives on the land under the management of MFE, SOE is conditioned by the registration of beekeepers in the central register of livestock and the granting of consent by military forests for the use of the site because these are areas used to ensure the needs of national defence, and to obtain an overview of the number of beekeepers and hives, too.

How to place the hives?

Application for the location of hives on the land of MFE SR, SOE addressed to the locally relevant organizational unit of MFE SR, SOE (relevant branch office) must contain:

  • The desired location of the hives,
  • Register of a farm from CEHZ,
  • Test report for bacteriological examination of hives,
  • Number of hives,
  • Method of housing the hives,
  • The length of the expected period of housing of the hives,
  • The beekeeper is obliged to mark the beehives with a registration plate issued by the SZV after placing the hives,
  • Reporting of motor vehicles and other persons assisting in the care of hives.
Chránime budúcnosť

Caring for our future. The principal activity of Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE, is the wildlife and forest management.

Military Forests
and Estates of the SR, SOE

The company was established to saturate the needs for the efficient and ecological forest and agricultural land management on the military training areas in Slovakia. The state owned enterprise consists of Directorate General and three branch offices in Malacky, Kežmarok and Kamenica nad Cirochou.

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