Children`s events

Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE, are well aware that environmental education for children and young people is very important, so they regularly participate in and organize events that help intensify their relationship and knowledge about forests, forestry and forest agriculture.

Work with children
Children`s events

Every year, the Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE, participate in a nationwide event called FOREST DAYS, organized by the National Forestry Center. Other partners of the event include TANAP State Forests, Forests of SR, City Forest of Bratislava, City of Zvolen, City of Kežmarok.

The individual MFE SR branch offices participate as co-organizers in various local events, such as Earth Day, Family Day, April- the Month of the Forest, Children's Day and others. Within the framework of forest pedagogy, various meetings, walks and outdoor activities focused on learning about the forest are organized in cooperation with kindergartens and primary schools.

Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE, are among the main partners of the Children's Forestry University project. The aim is to support the environmental education for 6th grade primary school pupils, especially regarding the knowledge about forests, forestry, and forest management. For eight months, they will become students of the Children's Forestry University.

During the lectures, young students will get acquainted with concepts such as growth simulator, crop education, rejuvenation, forest harvester, game breeding and hunting, professional intervention, renewable energy, biomass, forest care program, interest in the use and protection of forests and more. Students will also visit non-traditional places for teaching, such as a virtual cave, forest warehouse, living classroom – a forest, arboretum, or research institute. The attractiveness of the program of lectures is diversified by experiential teaching activities.

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Caring for our future. The principal activity of Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE, is the wildlife and forest management.

Military Forests
and Estates of the SR, SOE

The company was established to saturate the needs for the efficient and ecological forest and agricultural land management on the military training areas in Slovakia. The state owned enterprise consists of Directorate General and three branch offices in Malacky, Kežmarok and Kamenica nad Cirochou.

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