Processing of Biomass

The biomass belongs to the most important renewable energy sources. Its importance lies in the relatively significant resources, in its storage options and especially in improving the balance of dangerous CO2 emissions.

Dendromass processing
Processing of Biomass

In branch office Kamenica nad Cirochou, we use sawdust combustion technology to produce 2500 GJ; we have started to produce cleft wood fuel from waste. We start to grow energy plantations of fast-growing trees (poplar, willow, acacia, aspen, and alder) that form a promising source of biomass fuel. Energy plantations can be grown on a land unsuitable for traditional agricultural and forestry production, on soils temporarily excluded from agricultural production, contaminated soils, which are only suitable for non - food production purposes and also on the devastated areas in industrial agglomerations.

In this area, we are facing the following objectives:

  • to participate in developing of regional energy concepts within regional units,
  • to prepare projects for the energy use of biomass in prospective areas,
  • to introduce technology maintaining the effective preparation of biomass fuel and increasing energy efficiency of its recovery.

Biomass is important not only as an energy source; it has equally important and crucial role in the socio-economic aspects, especially in rural areas as it carries the potential of providing many new jobs within the industry, and helps to maintain the country.

Chránime budúcnosť

Caring for our future. The principal activity of Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak Republic, SOE, is the wildlife and forest management.

Military Forests
and Estates of the SR, SOE

The company was established to saturate the needs for the efficient and ecological forest and agricultural land management on the military training areas in Slovakia. The state owned enterprise consists of Directorate General and three branch offices in Malacky, Kežmarok and Kamenica nad Cirochou.

More about state enterprise
G.R. Pliešovce
Lesnícka 23, 962 63 Pliešovce
B.O. Malacky
Zámocká 7, 901 01 Malacky
B.O. Kežmarok
Gen. Štefánika 26, 065 03 Podolínec
B.O. Kamenica n/Cirochou
Osloboditeľov 131, 067 83 Kamenica n/Cirochou

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